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Geographical advantages

Sanya TCM retreat center is located in the city center area, with convenient transportation and shopping condition. At the opposite, there are Beauty Crown Theater in which the Miss World is hold, beauty crown hotel and time square. Behind it, there is Linchun forest park. It is next to Sanya library and egret park.Rehabilitation center lies on the 11st floor in TCM retreat center building, with 12 treatment rooms totally. TCM retreat center is in a shape of “T”, with total area of 1213.84 square meters. On the right side, there is a modern rehabilitation robot area, including limbs linkage, weight loss robot, speech training, operation treatment. The hall is planned for sports therapy area,  running platform, therapy shelves, etc. On the left side, it is set as the traditional Chinese medicine therapy and diagnosis area, including acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, and fire moxibustion therapy, massage therapy.The rest area is for children rehabilitation. So far, our center has been equipped with modern rehabilitation equipment with the amount of 6 million rmb , including intelligent rehabilitation robot system, the body rhythm machine, vertical magnetic stimulating machine, verbal cognitive rehabilitation system, which are the leading rehabilitation system in Hainan province.

Domestic doctors

There are 1 domestic famous doctor, 3 TCM doctors, 2 consulting experts, and  rehabilitation therapy team composed of more than 10 physicians, rehabilitation therapists, acupuncture therapist, chiropractors and rehabilitation nurses in our rehabilitation center. We mainly adopt physical therapy (PT), including the Bobath, Vojta, sports therapy, and nerve electrical stimulation therapy (spasm therapeutic apparatus, current stimulator, meridian apparatus, nerve-muscle therapy apparatus, etc. Occupational therapy (OT) includes ADL training, skills training, vocational training, social activities and recreation training; Speech training (ST) including dysarthria, slow speech training, daily communication ability training; Traditional rehabilitation training includes traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine therapy, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment (head, body and auricula acupuncture); Western medicine therapy; Surgical therapy; Botulinum toxin A injection treatment for infantile cerebral palsy, and we carry out the adult rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation therapy


Our rehabilitation department carries out the following rehabilitation treatments: cerebrovascular accident (acute, recovery), cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury (acute, recovery), multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury (acute, recovery), Parkinson's disease, hip joint(knee) replacement, lower limb fracture internal fixation, spinal muscular atrophy, acute or chronic myelitis, lower limb peripheral nerve injury,long-term bedridden patients.


We will provide every costumer with the best rehabilitation full of exquisite technology and cordial service.

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