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Massage center is located on the sixth floor of Sanya TCM Retreat center, divided into three areas, physical health care area, physical instrument area and therapy area. respectively with three VIP rooms, 2 foot massage rooms, 4 massage rooms, 3 therapy rooms, 1 cosmetology room. The environment is elegant, warm and comfortable. We have our own unique health care programs, health care and treatment of mutual complementary, modern health therapy of integrating therapy and health care. During the opening, our center has provided massage service for many important domestic and international guests whom we have obtained high praises from.

At present, our main services are: TCM normal plantar reflex therapy, Tongdu chiropractic therapy, hot stone, pedicure, spine adjustment, fire moxibustion, infantile massage, meridian care, weight loss, beauty, etc, which are suitable for the people who have sub-health, obesity, neck and lumbar strain. With the service tenet of "therapy improves services, health care improves level", we provide the high quality massage service for a long time, and make superior conditioning schemes to the people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, sub-health. Recuperate patients comprehensively by an in-depth understanding of the disease causes, and carry out varied toning services, such as,massage, acupuncture, beauty. With comprehensive and professional massage services, it will be your ideal choice of health, leisure.

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