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Medicinal diet and food therapy center in our retreat center specializes in medicinal food and vegetarian dishes. On the basis of TCM constitution and identification, medicinal diet is combining different drugs and food reasonably, and using traditional craft and modern scientific technology to make such kind of special diet with the effect of health, prevention and cure. 

keep fit, prolong life

Medicinal diet is a cuisine made of Chinese medicine and food. Medicinal diet originates from traditional Chinese diet and TCM food therapy culture. With the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, cooking and nutrition theory, and the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and some valuable food, strictly following the formula, we make delicious food with color, aroma, taste and shape by using our unique cooking technology and modern scientific method. It takes medicine as food, at the same time we put medicinal function in the food, which complement each other. It does not only have high nutrition, but also has the value of prevention, physical health, prolonging life.

Disease prevention and treatment

The body of human beings is an organic whole around five organs. If there is anything wrong with one organ, it would affect the functions of other organs. Especially the spleen and stomach are the foundations, and all the food we take must be accepted, digested by the spleen and stomach to nourish the whole body. So if the prevention and cure function of medicinal food can be implemented, and if it can have the desired effects after the implementation, which are depend on the state of the function of the spleen and stomach. When the function of spleen and stomach is sound, we can prepare medicinal food according to the characteristics of viscera.

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