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Female health center

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Beautiful environment

It locates on the eighth floor in the center, with beautiful and comfortable environment. According to the national standard, we set up the pelvic specialist room, pelvic disease consulting room, pelvic functional examination room, pelvic functional therapy room, female health recovery room, etc. Our existing pelvic therapeutic apparatus and pelvic functional examination are used for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Integration of traditional and western medicine

Bring in the new concept of pelvic rehabilitation from abroad, which is integrated with TCM rehabilitation technology, such as fire moxibustion, ginger therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation and natural therapy. The combination of Chinese and western therapy is applied to female health therapy.

Professional therapy

The objects of pelvic function test and rehabilitation treatment: uterine prolapse, various urinary incontinence, urinary retention, chronic pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, fecal incontinence, constipation, thin endometrium, aid in the treatment of infertility, abortion, postoperative pain, pubic separation, postpartum breast bilges, lactation, ovarian premature aging, pregnancy cultivation.

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