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The medical cosmetology center of Sanya TCM hospital is located on the 10th floor of Sanya TCM Retreat Center, and it is the only third-grade class-A plastic surgery institution in Sanya, with large scale, good environment, complete services, advanced medical equipment and exquisite technology. Third-grade class-A hospital makes sure your operations safe and effective with its strength, technology, strict operation regulations and disinfection. Our center has long-term cooperation with some well-known hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and there has been a number of domestic plastic authoritative experts joining us. Moreover, We have technical exchanges and cooperation with south Korean cosmetic beauty experts, in order to build an authoritative plastic surgery institution in the southern areas of Hainan. 

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Our plastic surgery center deeply understands people’ desire for being beautiful. Whether from the story of “ Being beautiful enough to make fish to sink out of sight and the flying crane to drop down” or the legend of Venus who has delicate face and graceful figure, we can see that people adore the beauty of body.

Cosmetic surgery is an aesthetic art which regards human being's body as medicine.  So carefully obeying the medical principles appears extremely important. Our plastic surgery center strictly complies with the demonstration of medical science, always keeping the mission of “customer-oriented" in mind and fully respecting the opinions of the customers. Standing at the level of international medicine and aesthetic, we are dedicated to the research of medicine and aesthetic art with professional spirit and strive to reach the effect of " masterpiece and natural beauty", to make sure appearance is in concert in with expression. Being beautiful, is a kind of responsibility, at the same time, it is also an art dissolving in medicine.

With smile, sweet, comfortable and clean service,Sanya TCM plastic surgery center makes sure each customer satisfied with body, mind and beauty. The director of medical beauty center: Zhaoyu (a director physician of plastic surgery department), at the same time, he is a director of Chinese plastic surgery association -Internet medical beauty branch,a committee member of Chinese plastic surgery association -scar medical branch,a committee member of Chinnese plastic association - hemangioma and vascular malformation branch,a standing committee member of plastic and cosmetic association in Hainan province, a professional committee of Chinese and western medical cosmetology in Hainan.

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