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Center Introduction

Sanya TCM retreat center is a medical tourism agency initiated by Sanya TCM hospital and invested by Sanya government. It is responsible for guaranteeing people's health and specifying medical tourism industry. Sanya TCM retreat center grasps "the innovative cooperation methods, innovation operation mechanism, innovative operation mode", with the health concept of "nature and humanity" and the health idea of “preventive treatment”. Our center pays attention to the balance of body and emotions, adopting medicine、 diet, and acupuncture、 massage,advocates healthy lifestyle and provides guests with comprehensive nursing services. Sanya TCM retreat center is a state-owned company wholly-owned by Sanya TCM hospital.With the rich tourism resources of Sanya and international cooperation advantages, Sanya TCM retreat center vigorously develops TCM health tourism, which is a new health project of medical rehabilitation, health care, health services, and leisure. Sanya TCM retreat center is a focal point of Sanya TCM health tourism project. Comprehensively using the modern enterprise management mode, it carries out the marketing operation, with “PWC management consulting company” and "Shanghai Hechuang hospital management consulting co.,ltd" and medical professional consulting company operating and managing.

Hospital characteristics

Since 2002, Sanya TCM hospital, basing on the advantageous natural environment and tourism resources, sets up Xinxinrong TCM international travel agency, and firstly carries out the rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine in China. So far, we have received international guests from Russia, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, and received foreign recuperation chartered planes. Besides that, we provide high-end customized health serives for more than 40000 foreign guests, including the President of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, the prime ministerof Kyrgyzstan and Russia, and politicians. Successfully completed the TCM rehabilitation service for some children which were wounded at the Russian Beslan terrorist event and another 50 Kyrgyzstan children. It obtained a certificate of “ China-Russia relationship Contribution” issued by the prime minister of Russia's federal government, and an honor award issued by the health and social development ministry of Russia.Moreover, we received appreciation letters from Chinese Foreign Ministry, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan embassies in Beijing. Sanya TCM retreat center has opened famous domestic doctors workstation, female health center, characteristic diagnosis and therapy center, massage center, rehabilitation center, medicinal food center, and taichi, yoga, painting and calligraphy, meditation, and some other studios, we do  care about Chinese and foreign guests.

Trade in service, National diplomacy

In 2014, Sanya TCM hospital is confirmed as the early and pilot implementation enterprise (institution) of trade in services of Chinese medicine by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ministry of Commerce, in cooperation with two Russian companies, and it has signed cooperation agreements with the Swedish Biyun medical college. Hainan Provincial Commerce Department and Sanya Commerce Bureau attach great importance to traditional Chinese medicine trade in services. Our hospitals has been designated to participate in China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Service and China-Asean Expo. In addition, we organized and took part in Hong Kong the 13rd TCMCM, China health services forum in 2014 and 2015, the WMTC in 2015 and other large conferences; At the same time, we expand the project cooperation of Traditional Chinese Medicine trade in services, and we carry out cooperation with international cooperation department of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, Tongrentang pharmaceutical co., LTD and other companies. We have been creating our global brand of traditional Chinese medicine trade in service , and promoting further development of traditional Chinese medicine trade in health service.

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Address:No 106,Fehuang Road,Jiyang District, Sanya, Hainan

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