Domestic famous doctor-Zuxuan Tang

Mailuo Shutong granule", the third sort of new medicine, it is often used for activating blood circulation, warming yang and benefiting qi.【more】

Domestic famous doctor-Qi Wang

Being as the academic leader of the basic theory of TCM, currently he is a professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.【more】

Domestic famous doctor-Xuemin Shi

Acupuncture expert, an academician of Chinese academy of sciences, a famous TCM acupuncture expert, a professor【more】

Mind toning

With ancient and easy skills, Yoga improves people’ physical, psychological, emotional, and mental ability. It is a kind of sport unifying body, mind and spirit, including asana and pranayama, meditation and so on, to realize the combination of body and mind.

Weight management

Acupuncture is the floorboard of acupuncture and moxibustion. Acupuncture refers to prick into patient’s body according to certain angle under the guidance of TCM theory. It stimulates the certain part of the body to achieve the purpose of treatment by twisting and insertion and other acupuncture techniques. Pierce point known as the human body acupuncture points, abbreviation "acupoint”. According to the latest acupuncture teaching material, there are 361 acupuncture points in the human body totally.




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